Student Chapter Officers



Elana Hayes

Elana Hayes, a student at Ivy Tech for
the past several years has served two
terms as the Vice-President of the
Student Ambassadors program and is
the current Student Chapter President.

Elana is a qualified student chef and is
no stranger to hard work. She has
become a regular fixture within Ivy Tech
over the past two years working with the
school and ensuring the ACF is
represented by some of the brightest
students our chapter has to offer. During
her time as a student, Elana volunteers
endlessly and seeks opportunities to
promote the efforts of the various
student events and activities associated
with not only the school but community
food events within our region.
Elana is a paralegal in both California
and Indiana.


She is currently employed
by the State of Indiana as a paralegal
for the Department of Workforce Development holds multiple degrees in
Business, Accounting, History and other
fields. Whenever an opportunity to learn
or assist is presented, Elana can be
counted on to participate.
Volunteering for the various events held
by Ivy Tech, Elana has assisted in
several major events during the past
year including Evening in Paris, Skills
USA competition, and she has been a
driving force to represent Ivy Tech and
the ACF each year during the St. Joan
of Arc Annual French Market celebration
and fundraiser.

Shelby Seiler.jpg

Vice President

Shelby Seiler

Shelby Seiler is a graduate and
continuing student of Ivy Tech.
Graduating from Greenfield-Central in
2012, unsure of what she wanted, until
she lost her mother in 2013. She
decided to follow in her mother’s
footsteps into the hospitality Industry.


Starting school at Ivy Tech she intended
to get a single degree in Baking and
Pastry, however upon realizing how
amazing the program and the
surrounding hospitality community was,
she decided to continue her education.
She was a student ambassador
for four years in which she held office as
the vice president and president.


Through her ambassadorship Shelby
has volunteered almost 900 hours to
help not only Ivy Tech but also the
surrounding Indianapolis areas, which
led to her being the recipient of the Chef
Ralph Comstock Volunteer Traditions
Award. She has enjoyed working in
many different atmospheres throughout
the hospitality field ranging from local
food shows and restaurants all the way
up to working the Kentucky Derby.

Through Ivy Tech Shelby has also had
the remarkable experience of studying
abroad in France, including two days at
Institute Paul Bocuse. Shelby is
currently working on finishing degrees in
beverage management and hospitality
management through Ivy Tech. She is
currently working in the student life and
development at Ivy tech helping out
current students achieve their
educational goals as an Administrative
assistant, as well as working at IUPUI
as their pastry chef for residential

Ready to Cook


Maci Runkel

Maci Runkel is a first-year student who
came to Ivy Tech after graduating from
the 2-year culinary arts program at J.
Everett Light Career Center at North
Central High School. During her time
there, she concentrated in baking and
pastry making.


Maci entered in the Commercial Baking competition for SkillsUSA in 2018 and won the
Indianapolis regional championship
advancing to the State competition. In
2019, Maci again competed and
advanced to the State competition
where she won 1 st place. Her state
championship enabled her to advance
to the National SkillsUSA Commercial
Baking competition in Louisville,


She has also participated in
various other competitions, such as the
Girl Scout Cookie competition, the
FCCLA STAR (Family, Career and
Community Leaders of America Students Taking Action with Recognition) competition, and the National Restaurant Association’s
ProStart for Culinary Arts. Maci will
continue to compete in SkillsUSA’s
Postsecondary and various other


She is currently employed
at The Gallery Pastry Shop in Broad
Ripple where she previously interned.